‘Class A’ Bigfoot Report Reveals Little about the Beast, and Much about the Seekers

Benjamin Radford


Q: I heard about a Bigfoot sighting not far from here. It happened a few years ago. There was a team of firefighters working on the Tres Lagunas fire in northern New Mexico. They saw a Bigfoot not far away, out in the open during the daytime, and it couldn’t have been a deer or bear. What do you think about that case?

—Michelle M.

A: I was asked the above question at a local writer’s group meeting by a fellow writer who heard some of my book subjects (including lake monsters and the chupacabra). I replied that I hadn’t heard of that specific sighting, but that I’d look into it. She seemed slightly surprised that I—as a New Mexico–based Bigfoot researcher of some minor renown—wasn’t familiar with such a significant, credible sighting in our home state.

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