It Is Not the God Engine That Sputters…

James E. Alcock


I am puzzled by the tone of Gregory Paul’s criticism of my article “The God Engine.” While respectful and constructive criticism is always welcome, his scornful and dismissive condemnation is both unwarranted and unhelpful. Enough said.

I am also puzzled by his misunderstanding of my article. He has set up a strawman based both on his misinterpretation of what I have written and his apparent unfamiliarity with the careful and extensive body of empirical research that underlies it. (That research is discussed in greater depth in the book chapter from which my article is derived, and extensive references to the research literature are provided.)

I am also disturbed by his obvious misunderstanding of the limitations of the data that he adduces and his mistaken notion that they can be used to “scientifically” test theories about the acquisition of supernatural beliefs in childhood.

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