An Artist with a Science-Based Mission

Stuart Vyse


[caption id="attachment_95027" align="alignright" width="210"] Janyce Boynton with one of her collages.[/caption]

Janyce Boynton is a Maine collage artist who sells her work through her website ( and at local shows, but she is also a tireless advocate for science. She would never have predicted that science and skepticism would become such an important part of her life, but something happened to her over twenty years ago that set her on this path.

My first contact with Boynton was probably about ten years ago. I was a psychology professor at a liberal arts college when I got a message from Boynton identifying herself as the “facilitator in the W______1 case” and offering to speak to my class. She must have known that I would understand what that meant, and although I did not follow up with her at the time, it is clear to me now that she was well into her personal mission at that point. It has been a long and, at times, difficult journey.

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