Britt Hermes Awarded 2018 Maddox Prize for Courageous Defense of Science


Britt Hermes, who publicized her research and subsequent rejection of natural therapies, is the recipient of the 2018 John Maddox Prize. Hermes, a former naturopath, was awarded the inaugural John Maddox Prize for an early career researcher “in recognition of her advocacy and writing on evidence-based medicine—in particular her exposure of false claims made by proponents of naturopathy, which she has highlighted as both dangerous and ineffective.”

The Maddox Prizes, named for the late long-time Nature editor (and former CSI fellow) John Maddox, are given for courage in promoting science and evidence on matters of public interest, despite smears, threats, and attempted lawsuits. The prize is run and funded by Sense about Science, a London organization where Sir John Maddox was a founding trustee, and the leading scientific journal Nature. The Wellcome Collection hosted the awards ceremony. There were 136 nominations from thirty-six countries.

Professor Terry Hughes, a world expert on the Great Barrier Reef who exposed the extent of coral reef damage caused by rising water temperatures, also received a 2018 Maddox Prize.

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