Out-of-the-box Skepticism: Opening Csicon 2018

Paul Fidalgo


CSICon is always a big deal. We wouldn’t crow about it so much if it wasn’t. We call it things such as “the premier skeptics’ event” and whatnot because it happens to be true! So even given the cascade of well-earned superlatives we (okay, I) use to describe CSICon year after year, it’s already obvious that this year’s conference was something else.

All these people, from remote locations across the country and around the globe, gathering to celebrate science and reason … and utterly immersing themselves in more. This is a good sign for the future. Nothing but blue skies from here, right?

Well, look, being realists, there was no way to open a conference such as this without acknowledging that those skies aren’t as blue as we’d like.

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