See Skeptical Inquirer’s New, Entirely Redesigned Website

There’s an entirely new website for the Skeptical Inquirer and Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, with a new address, a total redesign, and an attractive and user-friendly format. It went live in April 2019. The new address,, replaces as the Skeptical Inquirer website and becomes the official internet home for the magazine and the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. (And besides, the organization hasn’t been called “CSICOP” since 2006.) New magazine articles and blog posts live alongside the easily accessible archive of Skeptical Inquirer magazine issues.

At the new mobile-friendly website, you’ll also find articles organized by original issue publication, easy search functionality, an online store with cool skeptic swag, and the @SkeptInquirer Twitter feed, all within a design that matches that of the rest of the Center for Inquiry family of websites: the CFI, Free Inquiry/Council for Secular Humanism, and Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science sites.

Once you go to, the menu in the upper right corner is your guide.

Want to see what’s in our latest issue? Click on the first link, and there are quick summaries (and lively artwork) for each piece. Want to see all Skeptical Inquirer covers from today back to the beginning in 1976 (all forty-three volumes), on one easy-to-scroll page? Just click on “Archive,” and there they all are in one handy place. Want to see a list of the contents of one of those issues? Just click on the volume/issue number below it. There’s a short summary of each article and review. Some articles are posted in full. (Subscribers now have full access to all the archive’s contents, the full texts of all articles posted so far.) Want to see the array of blogs and columns posted online only? Go to “All Articles.”

Want to search for any topic or author in a previous issue? Click on the magnifying glass icon; that takes you to the easy-to-use search function.

Want to find out more about skepticism? There’s a link for that. That’s also where you’ll learn about our history and see full lists of our fellows and the Pantheon of Skeptics.

If you are a print subscriber and want to activate your free digital subscription, just click on the green “Activate Digital Subscription” link at the top.

If you aren’t a subscriber but want to subscribe, that’s easy to do. Click on “Subscribe” and choose a digital-only subscription or a print subscription, which includes digital access. Either way, you can start exploring the new today. Want to change your subscription address or extend your subscription? That’s also easy. Click on “Update Subscription Info,” and there it is, just one small page.

Want to order a single issue, an SI coffee cup, or some skeptical books? Just click on “Store.”

“I am so pleased with the new look of the Skeptical Inquirer website,” says CSI Executive Director Barry Karr. “It is so crisp and clean and so much easier to navigate. This is the first major redesign of the Skeptical Inquirer site since 2009, and the old site was starting to show its age. We hope that with the easily accessible and convenient digital subscription included our readers will now be able to take the Skeptical Inquirer with them wherever they go.”

“This has been a year-long continuing project of our great web people under the encouragement and support of top management and the CFI Board,” said Skeptical Inquirer Editor Kendrick Frazier. “I think it is a wonderful improvement. Hope you do as well.”