In-Memoriam Segment from CSICon 2016

Timothy Binga

One of the “traditions” that occurred at TAM every year was the In-Memoriam segment highlighting those who had died during the previous year; notable skeptics and what were termed “cultural competitors” (those who were opponents of skepticism or noteworthy) were remembered for their deeds in a short presentation shown during the conference.

The 2016 version of CSICon followed with a similar In-Memoriam segment; deceased CSI Fellows, Editorial Board members, and Scientific and Technical Consultants were shown in this year’s segment. Tim Farley took the lead on this year’s creation; I assisted with research as did Jim Lippard.

Here is the list of those honored in the presentation:

Christopher R. Evans 1931-1979
Bart J. Bok 1906-1983
George Abell 1927-1983
Norma Guttman 1920-1984
Richard Kamman 1934-1984
Milbourne Christopher 1914-1984
D.O. Hebb 1904-1985
Ernest Nagel 1901-1985
Eric J. Dingwall 1890-1986
William Nolen 1928-1986
Brand Blanshard 1892-1987
Graham F. Reed 1923-1989
William Verno Meyer 1920-1989
Sidney Hook 1902-1989
Edoardo Amaldi 1908-1989
Roy Wallis 1945-1990
B.F. Skinner 1904-1990
Ellic Howe 1910-1991
Isaac Asimov 1920-1992
Jean Dath 1918-1996
Gordon Stein 1941-1996
Carl Sagan 1934-1996
Charles J. Cazeau 1931-1999
Glenn T. Seaborg 1912-1999
George Agogino 1920-2000
Steve Allen 1921-2000
L. Sprague de Camp 1907-2000
W.V. Quine 1908-2000
Milton A. Rothman 1919-2001
Thomas A. Sebeok 1920-2001
Stephen Jay Gould 1941-2002
Walter C. McCrone 1916-2002
Robert E. Funk 1932-2002
Marcello Truzzi 1935-2003
Al Hibbs 1924-2003
Dorothy Nelkin 1933-2003
Ernest H. Taves 1916-2003
Lawrence E. Jerome 1915-2004
Francis Crick 1916-2004
Paul Edwards 1923-2004
Hosur Narasimhaiah 1920-2005
Robert A. Baker 1921-2005
Philip J. Klass 1919-2005
Theodore X. Barber 1927-2005
Vern Bullough 1928-2006
Barry L. Beyerstein 1947-2007
Sterling Lanier 1927-2007
Saul Green 1925-2007
Jerry Andrus 1918-2007
Paul MacCready 1925-2007
Joseph G. Jorgensen 1934-2008
Henry Gordon 1919-2009
Richard de Mille 1922-2009
John Maddox 1925-2009
Michael R. Dennett 1949-2009
Ronald J. Crowley 1937-2009
Stephen Toulmin 1922-2009
Antony Flew 1923-2010
Evry Schatzman 1920-2010
Martin Gardner 1914-2010
Sid Deutsch 1918-2011
C.E.M. Hansel 1917-2011
Mark Plummer 1949-2011
Richard H. Lange 1924-2011
Sergei Kapitsa 1928-2012
Leon Jaroff 1927-2012
Paul Kurtz 1925-2012
Robert Steiner 1934-2013
Yves Galifret 1920-2013
Charles M. Fair 1916-2014
Victor Stenger 1935-2014
Gerald A. Larue 1916-2014
Jean Dommanget 1924-2014
Richard S. Thill 1934-2014
Marvin Zelen 1927-2014
Robert B. Painter 1924-2015
Elie A. Shneour 1925-2015
Wallace Sampson 1930-2015
Al Seckel 1958-2015
Bette Chambers 1930-2015
Marvin Minsky 1927-2016
William Jarvis 1935-2016
Harry Kroto 1939-2016
Robert Todd Carroll 1945-2016

Timothy Binga

Tim Binga is director of Libraries and IT manager at the Center for Inquiry and an adjunct instructor at the University at Buffalo. He holds a master's degree in library science and dual B.A.’s in history and humanities. He has written for Skeptical Inquirer and Free Inquiry magazines and is a contributor to The Encyclopedia of Time (2009), the Dictionary of Early American Philosophers (2012), and the New Encyclopedia of Unbelief (2006). He is a passionate researcher and cataloger and has lectured on the RMS Titanic, digital libraries and R. V. Pierce.