Apparently the superstition surrounding spiders dates back to Egyptian
times when spiders were associated with riches. Charms were made in the form of spiders,
much like the more common scarab, and carried on a person throughout the day and night. It
was the hope that by doing this, money and good fortune would arrive their way in the near

In the Middle Ages, spiders were also considered lucky. People would trap
spiders inside walnut shells and then make a necklace with silk out of them. The purpose
of this was to protect against illness. Another primitive medical cure associated with
spiders was to capture one in a box or bag and wait until it died. When it finally died
the spider was thought to also take your disease or illness along with it.

It is considered very bad luck to kill a spider. Considering the many,
many people who have killed spiders it certainly doesn’t make the future bright, according
to folklore! No matter how scary and ugly they are, however, having one in your home was
considered good luck as the spider would protect the house and family from any misfortune.
To have a spider living in your home meant that happiness would be yours so long as the
spider remained. A spider dangling from the ceiling meant that money was coming your way
and the small, red spiders, no matter what they were doing or where you found them, also
meant financial reward. Seeing a spider outside was also considered lucky.

A spider in the morning is a sign of sorrow;
A spider at noon brings worry for tomorrow;
A spider in the afternoon is a sign of a gift;
But a spider in the evening will all hopes life.