An umbrella, according to popular superstition, should never be open
indoors or you will bring bad luck on all the people residing in the building.
It is thought that this superstition originates back when the purpose
of the umbrella was to act as a sunshade. If opened indoors the action
may be construed as a direct insult to the sun, which was revered in many

Umbrellas also have other superstitions attached to them, most often
those that bring bad luck.

  • It is bad luck to give an umbrella as a gift.
  • If you drop an umbrella, do not pick it up. Instead, have someone else do it for you, or you will be the recipient of bad luck.
  • If a single woman drops an umbrella, she will never marry.
  • If an umbrella is opened outside when it is not needed, rain, and other bad weather, will follow.