Walking Under Ladders


People will go to great lengths to avoid walking under ladders. Many
origins for the superstition have been surfaced over the years. One provides
a source in medieval times. A leaning ladder was thought to resemble the
gallows and so by walking underneath a ladder, you are playing out your
own execution. Another explanation points to the triangular shape a ladder
will take when erected or leaned up against a wall. The triangle is considered
the symbol representing the Holy Trinity and to walk through a triangle
violates and desecrates God while you, the perpetrator, fall prey to Satan.

If you walk under a ladder by accident, however, there are several measures
that you can take to avoid bad luck:

  • Spit three times through the ladder’s rungs
  • Cross you fingers until you see a dog
  • Spit on your shoe and continue walking, but don’t look down at the shoe until the spittle has dried
  • Walk backwards, out from the ladder the same way you came in, and make a wish as you go back out.